Roger Irwin Computer Services - Nelson - New Zealand

IT Support Services

On-site Computer Repair

The on-site repair service can assist you with all your IT issues and is available.
No Callout Fee to Nelson, Stoke or Richmond.

Virus Removal and Prevention

Is your computer not starting or does it keep displaying unwanted popups? It maybe infected with a virus or spyware. We offer an economical virus removal service and a complete range of software to stop them coming back.

Internet and email Solutions

Having trouble setting up your broadband connection and getting your email to work correctly? We offer a no fuss solutions that can save you hours of frustration.

Networking & Wireless

We can help you dianose failts on your network, improve the preformance or improve it's camabilities.

Automated Backup

Think about everything that’s stored on your computer - email, documents, photos etc. Now imagine that data vanishes without a trace. This can easily happen in the event of hardware failure, virus attacks or theft. That's why is so important to keep an off-site copy of all your data. We can advise you on a complete range of requirements that are quick and easy to insure that they are done regularly.

Data Recovery

If you suspect you have lost data it's very important that you turn your Computer off immediately and contact us for further advice.


"Our change over to a broadband internet/email connection (with a service provider onsite installation), was a disaster up until Roger arrived on the scene. Once he sorted out a range of software and hardware problems, we were left with a sweet running installation that has behaved itself impeccably."

John Davidson
JD Design Ltd